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Launch Recall Solutions: three specialists combine forces in the field of product recalls

Recall Solutions is a partnership between Kennedy Van der Laan, Sedgwick and Bex* communication. A unique combination of three product recall specialists. A one-stop service desk for all services you need in case of an acute food or product safety issue, or at the preparation for or aftermath of a recall. Clients from every sector, from food and non-food producers to industrial suppliers, can count 24/7 on Recall Solutions’ expertise and experience.

A recall action comes without notice but with flood of questions and uncertainties. Which actions need to be taken immediately? When do you report what to the NVWA? How to communicate with buyers and consumers? What is the narrative towards the media? What is the extent of the loss and is it recoverable from a supplier or insurer?

Kennedy Van der Laan’s Peter van den Broek: ‘You have a lot to deal with if your company is faced with a product recall. It’s not easy to take the right decisions and do things in the right order. With Recall Solutions, we offer a one-stop service desk for all questions and we assist companies every step of the way.’

The Recall Solutions partners have years of experience in all kinds of recalls and have now combined their expertise and experience. Recall Solutions provides services before, during and after a (potential) product recall; from risk management and analysis to crisis communication, loss mitigation and evaluation. Recall Solutions’ expertise allows our clients to act faster, to prevent discussions afterwards and thereby minimise the loss.

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Bex*communication is a full-service communication consultancy with offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Bex*communication has over 20 years of experience in recall actions, both food and non-food, in a wide range of industries. They support their clients throughout the crisis and provide them with overview and insight. Bex*communication turns a crisis into a manageable process.

Sedgwick is the indispensable link in the global risk and claims management chain. Whether it concerns volume claims, complex loss settlement, recourse activities, fraud and investigation or other flexible solutions, Sedgwick is the independent partner who takes care of your needs in case of loss or damage.

Kennedy Van der Laan
Kennedy Van der Laan is a full-service law firm with offices in in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Their expertise and solid experience in product recalls comprise both food and non-food. Their support includes advice on legal obligations, guidance on the recall process (including communication with the NVWA), advice on coverage issues under different types of insurance policies, and assistance with the aftermath and follow-up of a recall, including recovery of the loss.

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