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Communication about an international product recall

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A globally operating manufacturer of lighting products discovers a production fault warranting a product recall. The Recall Solutions communication specialists of Bex*communication are part of the recall team. Following a risk and stakeholder analysis, the recall team develops a strategy with attention for liability, loss mitigation and communication. Basis for all communications are a basic statement and a Q&A set, translated into 6 languages. Based on a detailed action plan, various communication actions are developed: a press release for the (professional )media, recall ads, letters for retailers, letters for stakeholders and information material for consumers. Plus, in no time an information number is operational, staffed by a call centre, for business partners and consumers to call with their questions. A script is made available in 6 different languages. We also designate a spokesperson. And we monitor and analyse all media coverage and social media posts 24/7 to correct them where required. The follow-up is part of the plan too; business partners and consumers are informed about replacement products and the financial settlement. And after the recall, they receive a letter with a small present.