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An A-brand food producer wants to be prepared for a potential product recall in the best possible way. By way of training we provide a simulation twice a year. These are so-called “table top” simulations, each one based on a customised scenario. At the simulation, the crisis team has to deal with a response cell acting as the rest of the organisation and the outside world, like the NVWA, media, retailers and consumers. Based on a detailed script, the response cell bombards the crisis team with phone calls, e-mails, reports, letters, news reports and social media posts. That makes the recall feel real. Such a recall simulation shows whether the recall plans and procedures are known and effective, whether the team makes an accurate assessment of the situation and thinks in terms of scenarios, and whether the team decides on the correct strategy and actions. It also shows how the leader and members of the recall team perform and collaborate under pressure. The trainers observe and give feedback on issues requiring special attention in the form of practical advice.