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Communication with the NVWA

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All parties in the supply chain have an obligation to notify the NVWA as soon as they discover that a (potentially) unsafe product has been put on the market. The notification must also state which measures will be taken to eliminate the danger. It is the task of the NVWA to ensure that companies comply with their legal obligations. Within the scope of this task the NVWA has far-reaching powers. It is authorised to order a product recall, stop production, publish its own information about your (potentially unsafe) products, impose adminstrative fines, and institute criminal proceedings.

Good communication with the NVWA is essential to – where possible  – prevent any of this. If the NVWA is informed in time and in detail about the actions you’re taking, it will be less likely to intervene or take drastic measures. Recall Solutions knows its way around and the dos and don’ts. We can coach you in your contacts with the NVWA or act as your spokesperson.