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A one-stop service desk for all services you need in case of an acute food or product safety issue, including risk identification, crisis communication and loss mitigation, but also at the preparation for or aftermath of a recall.

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Before an incident Before an incident

Identification recall risks and preparation

Identification recall risks

Every organisation has its own sensitivities when it comes to – the consequences of – product safety risks. That’s why specific product recall risks vary…

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Recall simulations

You won’t know how a product recall will develop until you’re faced with one, unless you simulate a recall. The objective of a recall simulation…

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Recall manual

As with any crisis, a recall action will often arise suddenly and unexpectedly. Still, an organisation can make sure it is prepared for it. For…

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Review of contracts

Better safe than sorry. That’s why it is advisable to make specific arrangements with both suppliers and buyers in advance while there isn’t a cloud…

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During an incident During an incident

Impending or acute recalls

Crisis communication

A product recall raises many questions and doubts. First of all among users of your product, but also among business partners, employees, financiers, authorities and…

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Analysis and risk assessment

The answer to the question íf and how a recall should take place, may have a considerable impact on your organisation. That’s why your decisions…

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Communication with the NVWA

All parties in the supply chain have an obligation to notify the NVWA as soon as they discover that a (potentially) unsafe product has been…

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Crisis management

Crisis management means managing the situation. In general, people will understand that a crisis takes you by surprise. But how do you deal with it?…

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Loss mitigation

If a recall is inevitable, you will benefit from an economical approach. An efficiently organised recall operation can avoid unnecessary costs. It is our specialty…

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Recall plan

Based on a clearly structured model, Recall Solutions is able to make a comprehensive recall plan in a very short time. This recall plan provides…

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After an incident After an incident

Evaluation and follow-up

Final stage and aftermath

After the products have been recalled, there is still a lot to be done. Replacement products have to be distributed as soon as possible in…

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Recovery of loss

A recall involves considerable costs. Part of these costs may be covered under a specific product contamination or product recall insurance and possibly, to a…

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Second opinion

Often specialists and scientists are consulted during the preliminary and execution stages of a recall action to obtain their expert opinion, especially to get an…

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During a recall, you have a lot to deal with. After you’ve worked your way through an often intensive and drastic recall process, we can…

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